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FMC Engineering serves mining processing clients in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, and West Virginia.  FMC has provided proven results and satisfaction to the industry’s leading companies including Alliance Coal, Peabody Energy, Black Beauty Coal, Patriot Coal, and Knight Hawk Coal Company.


Our staff provides engineering services to facilities for new mining, primary crushing, screening, grinding, concentrating & pelletizing, as well as upgrades to new systems.



Forensic Engineering is the investigation of materials, products, structures or components that fail or do not operate or function as intended and retracing processes and procedures leading to failures or accidents.


FMC provides engineering consulting,

failure analysis (root cause), and civil/structural/mechanical investigations.






FMC Engineering designs mechanical systems for material handling, processing and storage, and pumping and piping. We provide equipment layouts, custom machine design, and plant, facilities and conveyor design.


State-of-the-art engineering design and analysis tools such as SolidWorks®, PIPE-FLO® Professional, Belt Analyst™, and Bulk Flow Analyst™,  allow us to understand and quantify design parameters.  This enables us to easily communicate options throughout the design process.   SolidWorks® is the primary layout software employed by FMC.  However, we also utilize AutoCad® to insure flexible capability in meeting our individual clients needs.  FMC produces 3-D models that can be leveraged for finite element analysis, motion analysis, vibration, optimization, flow studies, and thermal analysis. 



A detailed site layout that is dimensionally accurate is an important part of preparing for construction.  FMC Engineering provides civil planning and designs for site development.



The role of a structural engineer today involves a significant understanding of static, dynamic, and seismic loading, and the structures that are available to resist them. Wind, snow, seismic, thermal and mechanical loads, such as pressures, pulley, motor, and material handling loads are accounted for in the design process.  FMC engineering provides structural integrity and cost-effective, practical solutions that clients can rely on including buildings, foundations, equipment support, hydraulic structures, and retaining walls.  Our engineers have the latest knowledge of all applicable codes.


We specialize in the design of steel structures of many types and sizes from stairs, mezzanines, commercial and industrial buildings to large scale major processing and handling plants.  FMC engineers also have experience in metal alloys, concrete, masonry, and wood design.


We provide complete structural design calculations, layout and arrangement drawings and 3-D models.  All structural calculations are produced using a combination of traditional and computer methods utilizing STAAD.Pro®, ENERCALC, and SolidWorks® software. 




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